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User Access Review

BAAR-IGA has a simple 4-Step process to set up user access review campaigns. Create campaigns for human users, bots, system users and more.
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Access Certification involves a manager or system owner reviewing users' entitlements (access) to various systems to ensure they have access to only what they need. BAAR-IGA collects user access information for every application and provides an easy-to-use process for setting up user review campaigns in an ad-hoc or scheduled manner. It will help enterprises align time, effort, and cost by focusing critical controls on identity and access management systems where possible.

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User Access Review Benefits

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Reduces the risk of a security breach by limiting access.

Some of the threats that can be mitigated through control of user access:

1) Insider Threats

2) Access Abuse and Team Errors

3) Privilege Creep

4) Excessive Privileges

This page details how BAAR can optimize your company’s IGA capabilities. Please refer to our other pages for more information on BAAR’s HR, Legal, IT, Finance, and Supply Chain capabilities.

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User Access Review Process


Setup a Campaign

Give the campaign a name, select the applications, exclude roles or users (with comments), select the notification schedule, and click save. The campaign is set up and waiting for assignment to certifiers. 


Assign Certifiers

Assign Certifiers by role, designation, user type etc. Once Certifiers are assigned, the campaign is active. The Certifiers will receive notification of the reviews they need to conduct. The Certifiers will either approve or revoke user access. Once done, Certifiers will submit the campaigns.


Approve Revokes

Once the Certifiers approve or revoke user access, the campaign manager must approve the revokes. Once done, BAAR-IGA will automatically revoke access. Once all the revocations are complete, the Dashboard will update to show their status.


Close Campaign

Revocations and Dashboard updates are automated. Once completed, the Campaign Manager can close the User Access Campaign. 

Schedule automated campaigns as required.

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User Access Reviews

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