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Segregation of Duties

To avoid fraud, BAAR-IGA ensures there is Segregation of Duties (SoD) within and between applications.

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Segregation of Duties is the concept of having more than one person required to complete a task. Administrative controls prevent fraud, sabotage, theft, misuse of information, and other security compromises, (e.g., a user who can create a vendor should not have permission to release a vendor payment). Segregation of Duties can be inter-application or intra-application. BAAR-IGA will check to see if users have conflicting roles in applications. 

Sustainable Risk

BAAR-IGA helps prevent fraud by monitoring for conflicting roles
within an application or across applications.

Your Rules

BAAR-IGA works with your SoD rules. Once added, BAAR-IGA workflows will monitor for role conflicts and initiate action to ensure SoD.

Inter-Application SoD

BAAR-IGA monitors for Segregation of Duties across applications, e.g. if a person has role 'X' in Application 1, the same user should not have a role 'Y' in Application 2. Custom workflows can be set up to action findings.

Role Discovery

BAAR-IGA integrates with your legacy and mainframe applications. BAAR-IGA gets user access data from the applications in an automated manner.

Intra-Application SoD

Segregation of Duties and conflicting roles within an application are set up according to your SoD Rule Matrix. The rule matrix can be multi-tiered based on privileges within an application.

Application Types

BAAR-IGA facilitates the Segregation of Duties (SoD) within and between application types. Talk to us today about how BAAR can integrate your Identity Management needs.


BAAR-IGA implements a Reporting feedback loop. SoD policy and procedures are monitored and assessed for effectiveness. SoD compliance history is recorded, and conflicts are identified and reported. BAAR's SoD Reporting manages your risk and protects your business.

Contact Us to Learn How BAAR-IGA can Help Your Organization Manage
Segregation of Duties.

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