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Identity Security & Continous Monitoring Platform

Wavy Abstract Background

In today’s environment information is critical and data privacy is imperative. The zero trust model says,  Trust Nobody.


To keep businesses moving, users have to access their data. BAAR ensures the right users have access to the right data on time. Controlling and monitoring access is a challenge, especially in large environments. Digital transformation and blended cloud and on-site environments further add to the complexity.

BAAR is an automated Identity Governance and Administration platform which helps administer identities and implement related controls. BAAR will also monitor the controls.


BAAR helps organizations answer the following questions:

1) Who has access to your systems?

2) Who should have access?

3) How is the access being used?

BAAR is an automated end-to-end solution for Identity Governance and Administration.

Unique Architecture


BAAR integrates with any resource type, including legacy applications. Moreover, changes implement quickly and easily. 


BAAR-IGA has intuitive user interfaces built on a low code, drag-and-drop, AI-enabled, workflow-based back-end. BAAR allows for speedy deployment, operational AI integration, and quick changes that suit your unique environment.

BAAR secures your identities and also automates any linked processes.


Automated Workflows

Drag and drop workflows help customize BAAR-IGA to fit your environment with low time to market.


Operational AI

Built-in AI ensures BAARIGA can work with unstructured data and provide predictive and prescriptive analytics.


Custom Reports

With its built-in reporting engine, BAAR ensures all the data auditors need is available at the click of a button.


Virtual Agent

An integrated virtual agent allows interaction with BAAR-IGA via text, chat, and email.


Robotic Process Automation

Integrated RPA ensures integration with any legacy system, and resources are never an issue.


Data Engineering

The drag and drop workflows have data engineering capabilities. This ensures data processing and reconciliation.


Data Processing 

BAAR includes integrated capabilities for processing structured and unstructured data. 



Inbuilt analytics can help create actionable insights based on your data,  keeping your environment more secure.

Core Workflow Hyper Automation (WHA) Engine

Low/no code studio to build workflows with drag-and-drop functionality to build/re-use nodes


Ability to natively embed python code if required


Plug-and-play recorder for automating web applications

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